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Get to know the Adobe Experience Manager Dispatcher

Are you familiar with the concept of a re-fetching Dispatcher flush? Do you understand the implications of setting up an ignoreUrlParams allow list, vs. a block list? Have you ever gone live with a site that had a statfileslevel configuration set to 0?

The Dispatcher is a critical component of a secure, stable, fault-tolerant and lightning fast AEM implementation. Unfortunately, it is often an afterthought, and its large array of configurations can be overwhelming and easily misunderstood.

Our team would like to change this. As technical folks ourselves, we learn best when we’re able to experiment with new tech in a safe (read: not production) environment. This is why we’ve created the AEM 6.5 Dispatcher Experiments open source repository on GitHub:

👉 https://github.com/adobe/aem-dispatcher-experiments

The goal of this repository is simple: demonstrate the impact of the Dispatcher and its configuration parameters. The medium is a series of experiments in take-home lab format complete with sample code, instructions, and JMeter test plans. Think of it like an Adobe SUMMIT lab, delivered straight to your home.

The repository includes instructions for Running a Dispatcher Locally on macOS, so don’t worry if you do not yet have a local Dispatcher ready to go. Windows instructions are in the works, too. Once set up, you’ll be ready to dive into the experiments.

What do we cover? There are currently 4 experiments in the repository:

  1. Effect of Re-fetching Dispatcher Flush
  2. Effect of a /statfileslevel greater than 0
  3. Effect of an ignoreUrlParams allow list
  4. Effect of the gracePeriod setting

… and we’ll be adding more. Do you have an idea for an experiment or configuration you’d like to see covered? Drop us a note in the issues, or send us a PR!