adaptTo() 2014: Mobile Apps

In just under a month, I will be speaking at my first adaptTo() on the subject of Building Mobile Applications with Apache Cordova and AEM.

IoT Day in Ottawa

The folks at IoT Ottawa hosted an all-day meetup on the subject of the Internet of Things, right here in the Adobe Ottawa office tower. As someone new to the IoT field I found the many short, to-the-point sessions served as both a nice introduction to possibilities in the industry and also as a glimpse into the innovation happening right here in our backyard. What follows are my personal highlights from the day.

Mobile Apps: Made and managed in AEM

I’m thrilled to be returning to Basel this summer to present at the conference formerly known as CQCON: CONNECT Web Experience. This year I’ll be speaking about building and managing mobile applications within AEM, with a focus on the technical details of the solution.

AEMHub 2014: Mobile Apps in AEM

My slides from AEMHub are available here: Mobile apps: Made and managed in AEM