CQ Gems: Mobile First Development

I presented a talk on Mobile First Development with CQ Made Easy as part of the CQ Gems technical series. My slides from CQCON were updated to include a more complete list of resources.

Evolve 2013: CQ Mobile Apps

Andrew Savory and I talked about building mobile applications with CQ at Evolve13. Our slides are available here: evolve13-cq-mobile-apps

Setting up a Dispatcher on OS X

The dispatcher is an important piece of a secure, stable, and solidly-performing AEM implementation. According to the documentation it can provide caching, load balancing, as well as help to protect your publish instances from attack. For such a multifaceted tool it seems to receive very little attention during the dev process, typically called to action in the final stages of a deployment when most of the dev work has already been done. I propose that developers (including myself) could write better code if they had a deeper understanding of this tool, which is why I went through the process of setting one up on my Mac. What follows are my notes.

CQCON 2013: Mobile First

My slides from CQCON 2013 are available here: cqcon-mobile-first